My Thanksgiving

This is how my usual Thanksgiving goes… it goes like this,

#1 we all get too the thanksgiving dinner safely.

#2 we sit down at the HUGE table and pray, Then eat.

#3 we chat with friends and family. and i play with my video game AND play with friends that came to thanksgiving.

#4 we leave and drive home and then go to bed.( its like 8:00 when we get home from thanksgiving.)Image result for happy thanksgiving turkey clipart

New thing! Tynkercad!

Have you ever heard a website named Tynkercad? I HAVE! And it is very fun! you can make 3D images and print them like a Penguin, a horse, a blimp and much more! And you can make keychains, your name and every day objects! You must try it, IT IS AWESOME!! Please consider going to it and make somthing COOL!

4 Winds

Today we did 4 winds. Do you know what 4 winds is? 4 winds is a thing that students (In this case, Taylors  Travelers.) do every month and 4 winds teaches the students about snowflakes, bugs, seasons ETC.

PLUS we sometimes get to go outside for 4 winds to learn about bugs and snowflakes. This Tuesday we collected snow in a bottle and put it inside the school and put over a heater. We did this to see how much water would be left after it all melted. Plus we got to feel the snow (it was cold I can tell you that) and play for about 3-5 min. in the snow! Last but not least we got to look at images of snowflakes and identify them by the looks of the snowflake! Oh and before I forget… We made paper snowflakes for fun!

NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its the new year and I want to make other peoples new year better. Here is the 3 things I  will do.  I will help my classmates with there work, pay more attention and help vacuum.

First I will help people with math and other subjects like reading writing and science/social studies. Plus I will help people when they fall and get hurt and I will help people with  problems.

Second I will pay more attention in class and any other place I go(even though I don´t ever).Other than that I will do (MY BEST) to do it!

Last I will Vacuum my house more often. And clean my cat box and fill my cast water dish and food bowl!

So that’s the 3 things I will do to make other peoples new year better. 

Schools should allow Minecraft

This is why I think schools should allow Minecraft.  1 Because you can teach kids things like the moon or science or even math and reading. 2 because you can build things and show it to students like the Eiffel Tower or Mars or the French and Indian war. AND Last but Not least 3 cause you do not need to waist resorces like paper pencils and ink. And thats why I think schools should allow  Minecraft.

I Love Writing Like Coding

This year in fourth grade we have done many things. My favorite thing out of all of them was writing. Right now we are doing fantasy story’s like we got sucked into a video game! Man do I L O V E writing about Minecraft. Plus we have been working on dialogue and our story’s setting. And that’s why I love writing.